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Default Re: Rees vs Murray OFF

Originally Posted by pathmanc1986 View Post
Out of the context of this its not a joke.

He should have pulled him out earlier
John was fine and the stoppage at the time of which it was stopped was also fine. Murray was competitive enough.

Originally Posted by S_o_F View Post
Whats pulling Murray out of the fight earlier got to do with going on the **** in Ibiza?

Joe watched his fighter take a prolonged beating with a power puncher like Rios and didn't even give a thought to his health or well being. He was never in the fight. Everything he threw at Rios, Rios just walked through and pummeled him. Doesn't take a genius to realise he wasn't going KO him nor win on points. He was lucky to get the shot anyway and he should have been pulled out earlier.


Firstly, neither you or I know the cause of this failed medical, but it's more likely to be because of the way he most likely neglects his health, always drinking, partying etc, and just from reading a reply on Murray's Twitter, it could be because of alcohol.

Facial marks has no factor in it whatsoever. It's a boxing match, obviously he's going to get marked up, and John just tends to mark up heavily - a lot of fighters do, just watch Murray's other fights.

I've seen the fight twice and he had no reason to pull the plug earlier and from what you insinuated by bringing it up in the first place, is that this failed medical is down to Gallagher.

Let's wait and see what comes up.
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