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Default Re: Bryant Jennings vs. Tor Hamer

Originally Posted by Drew101 View Post

Good ****ysis of the two fightes, IB. Jennings is probably a bit more fluid in the ring, and while he can go into one-and-done mode from time to time, the combination punching is pretty smooth when he begins to roll. Plus, he's the type of guy who seems to up his game when confronted with higher level opponents. Hamer's awkward and tough, but I think Jennnings is made of sterner stuff than a talented but often mercurial Kingpin and he secures a competitive decision in a surprisingly fun fight.
It would be must-see TV. Aesthetically they could really jazz.

It might even divert my live viewing attention away from a solid HBO or Showtime card, which NBC Sports has sometimes failed to do in the past.

If they were smart, they'd grab hold of Hamer with a long-term contract and start to put him on doubleheaders with Jennings against Gavern/Walker/Grano/Ibragimov types. Get him up to the mid-twenties and Jennings into the high teens at least, maybe twenty-something bouts. Then face them up for an epic showdown highly anticipated by new & casual fans hungry for a US hopeful, as well as by us - assuming both continue to entertain and not lose.
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