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Default Re: Broner vs Burns PUBLIC POLL

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
Your mans going to get it if they meet mate
"Your man?" So those that think Broner beats YOUR man, are fanboys also?

So this is all just a fanboy war, jostling over who their fighter is?

I'm sure there are some Broner fanboys, but I tell you this much, they ain't here, the Burns fanboys are. We all know, in Burns fanboys estimation, if you even think Broner wins this fight, if you even have the nerve, to ****yze this fight and say Broner wins, you are a Broner fanboy.

The typical fanboy defense mechanism, try and incite a fanboy war....when it never was there. We are seeing it all the flipping time on here, I'm sure people just pop in to add fuel to the fire, to help promote a fight even more.

Let me ask you this Billy, you have every right to be confident, you see Mr Burns on a day to day basis, you are the man in his corner, it is your duty to get behind your fighter, whether it be blindly, or deluded. It is your job to get behind and promote your fighter, in your eyes, your man (he is your man) is the dogs sweaty b*llocks.

But let me ask you this, Bill, what if, just, what if, the unimaginable in your eyes, happens, and YOUR man gets it? What then Bill, ay?

.....don't tell me, "it's not gonna happen because it can't happen", WHAT IF, YOUR man gets it Bill, ay?

You gonna come on and tell the truth, you gonna hide, you gonna look for excuses.....I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Man, I hope this fight happens sooner rather than later, I really, really, really do.
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