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Default Re: Bryant Jennings vs. Tor Hamer

I have watched his entire Prizefighter run and nearly nothing more. I have to say that I def do not rate him as highly as you do, IB, based on his accomplishments. I do think the skills are there though.

His top wins are in Prizefighter (albeit KJ is good) and against true journeyman Dominique Alexander, Galen Brown, and Demetrice King. A quick boxrec glance shows he's fought in only one scheduled 10 rounder. The longest he's gone is 8 rounds (UD over King), which is the only fight he's had scheduled for longer than 6.

Things I like about him are his head movement, feints, and intelligence (in that he seems to know where and when he wants to punch). And a seeming willingness to throw combinations when squared away with a slower opponent. His stamina is utterly unknown and a giant question mark.

I just honestly don't see how Hamer could be cited as a better fighter than Deontay Wilder, and I am far from a Wilder fan/believer. I would say that Johnathon Banks has proven to be a superior American HW than Hamer. He's no higher than 4th on my ranking of American HW's.

He will have had a monster HW year of 2012 if he wins decisively over upcoming solid opponent Glazkov, having gone 7-0 w/ the Prizefighter crown.

In terms of technically breaking down Jennings vs. Hamer, damn that's a tough one. Although I think Jennings has proven to be much better, I'd take Hamer stylistically. I think the head movement, speed, and willingness to throw straightaway hook-combinations would lead Hamer to a very close and debated decision result which he deserved to win.
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