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Default Is this a good idea or a bad idea? (leading with a long range hook)

So im a southpaw and this will be used when fighting orthodox fighters.

So instead of using a jab to set up my cross.

I will use a lead hook thrown straight from my stance with hip power and its a long range hook so my arm is quite stretched out, and I will keep it as direct and straight to the target as possible so I dont leave myself too open, then follow with the cross.

The idea is to make him think its a jab, then it turns into a long range lead hook, as I step foward, and it forces either him over to the danger side or me into the safe side as I follow with the cross.

Is that a good combo, or dangerous? How could it be countered? If he slipped and threw the straight right hand would I be in trouble/ineffective?

Also im trying to make it a potentially KO shot in itself, you can get quite a bit of power on a long range hook, is this a bad idea should I just make it a set up shot or a power shot and not try to make it into both?
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