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Default Mexican Punch Shield

I've recently started to implement this into my training more and more. My coach makes me throw all bombs on this thing as he holds it. Its much more exhausting than the mitts IMO because theres no give to it and every shot is supposed to be thrown with bad intentions. Its not like a heavybag in the sense it moves as you punch or like the mitts that kind of slap off your punches its just solid. Its exhausting I did a 5 minute round yesterday and was completely out of breath. No wonder those mexican fighters can bang to the body so hard for a whole fight. Stylistically I am short and stocky so going to the body is one of my strengths. Once you start to really rip shots on this thing you'll feel it quick. He had me do four left hooks than four right hooks than eight straight punches and then start over fast and hard and I'm still sore. Its exhausting but I can tell its really make me a better fighter so I like it. Makes me respect Ricky Hattons assualt on the bodybag (different than the punch shield) I remember in the mayweather hatton 24/7 Billy Graham his trainer and him did 15 rounds on this thing. Unreal! Didnt mean for this to be a ricky hatton thread but I remembered his body training and thought it would be a good example. Do you any of you use the punch shield much? i'd recommend it for anyone

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