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Default Re: Can you name some high % combos for a southpaw?

Originally Posted by rodney View Post
Your right about one thing.
The same can be done to a southpaw.
I would double and triple jab to make it more difficult to be countered.
What would you do ???
when you get a orthodox right hand lead, vs. a southpaw lefthand lead,
if your the southpaw, you have to beat him to the punch, throwing your straight left inside his straight right.
Now there are alot of other things that help one be successful like controling your distance, being in the right position, speed and timing.
Thats where a coach can help you provided both are willing to put in the time.

Sorry yea I meant if he leads with straight right + slip how do you counter that.

Really good advice I appreciate it!

Last question if you like... how do you use the lead hook as a counter or is it best used as a follow up to the rear cross?
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