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Default Re: Bryant Jennings vs. Tor Hamer

Originally Posted by Nonito Smoak View Post
I have watched his entire Prizefighter run and nearly nothing more. I have to say that I def do not rate him as highly as you do, IB, based on his accomplishments. I do think the skills are there though.

His top wins are in Prizefighter (albeit KJ is good) and against true journeyman Dominique Alexander, Galen Brown, and Demetrice King. A quick boxrec glance shows he's fought in only one scheduled 10 rounder. The longest he's gone is 8 rounds (UD over King), which is the only fight he's had scheduled for longer than 6.

Things I like about him are his head movement, feints, and intelligence (in that he seems to know where and when he wants to punch). And a seeming willingness to throw combinations when squared away with a slower opponent. His stamina is utterly unknown and a giant question mark.

I just honestly don't see how Hamer could be cited as a better fighter than Deontay Wilder, and I am far from a Wilder fan/believer. I would say that Johnathon Banks has proven to be a superior American HW than Hamer. He's no higher than 4th on my ranking of American HW's.

He will have had a monster HW year of 2012 if he wins decisively over upcoming solid opponent Glazkov, having gone 7-0 w/ the Prizefighter crown.

In terms of technically breaking down Jennings vs. Hamer, damn that's a tough one. Although I think Jennings has proven to be much better, I'd take Hamer stylistically. I think the head movement, speed, and willingness to throw straightaway hook-combinations would lead Hamer to a very close and debated decision result which he deserved to win.
Yeah, we're pretty much on the same page. Factoring in deeds on paper, it would be insane to rank him too highly. Bryant either, to a somewhat lesser extent, with only the two notable victories. In calling him and Jennings the best h2h, my intent was to highlight their skills (and how they'd fare against their peers based on those skills) as I perceive them from having watched the little they actually have accomplished.
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