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Default Re: Can you name some high % combos for a southpaw?

Originally Posted by OMGWTF View Post
Sorry yea I meant if he leads with straight right + slip how do you counter that.

Really good advice I appreciate it!

Last question if you like... how do you use the lead hook as a counter or is it best used as a follow up to the rear cross?
Southpaw Rt. hook.
1) Much easier to use right after your southpaw straight left because after your lead straight left, your in position with your weight on your front rt. foot. Thats were your weight has to be to throw your rt. hook, especially if you want some power on it.
2) Now if your fighting inside and your leaning forward on your opponent, then you just pull back and throw you rt. hook at the same time.
3) From the outside, you can hook off your right jab.
As you bring your jab back, lean forward transferring your weight to your from foot, then pull back with your right hook. This must be done quickly and will take some practice on the bag or pads.
4) As a counter, you can slip your opponents right jab by leaning mostly forward letting his jab go over your left shoulder. Now your in position to pull back with your rt. hook. This most likely is more difficult and will require practice on the pads. A good trainer helps.
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