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Default Re: Who would you rate higher : Tim Witherspoon or Jim Jeffries ?

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
In hindsight, I seriously doubt it.

The coloured heavyweight champion when Jeffries won the title was George Byers, who lost to Tommy West. He was simply not in the class of Fitzsimmons, Sharkey, Corbett or McCoy.

Jeffries didn't fight the top coloured contenders at this stage, because none of them were in the championship class.[/quote]

Jeffries didnt fight them because no one insisted he did, as a challenger, he was happy to fight lesser blacks such as Armstrong whom he beat by 10rds dec in 1898 .That same year Childs stopped Armstrong twice. In fact Childs had better results over the same opponents, Henry Baker went 9rds with Jeffries, Childs stopped him in 3. Are you seriously telling me Corbett had better current form that Childs in 1900 ?

Which black challengers did Corbett,McCoy, Fitz,and Sharkey beat to demonstrate this superiority?

Lets be honest here, once he won the title, nothing on God's earth would get Jeffries in the ring with a black challenger .
"In fact, Childs had better results over the same opponents"

No, he didn't.

They had 6 common opponents

Joe Choynski--ko'd Childs in 3 and beat him in 6. Jeff fought a 20 round draw when very inexperienced.

Bob Armstrong--Childs W6, ko 2, ko 6, Jeff w 10

Henry Baker--Childs ko 3, Jeff ko 9

Mexican Pete Everett--Childs w 6, Jeff ko 3

Joe Kennedy--Childs draw 6, Jeff ko 2

Hank Griffin--Childs draw 20, Jeff ko 14

Jeff went 5-0-1 with 4 ko's. Childs 5-2-2 with 3 ko's

Childs had Armstrong's number for some reason (Armstrong did much better against Martin), but overall was not as successful. Jeff beat five of these men and lost to none. Childs lost twice to Choynski, and didn't beat Kennedy or Griffin.

**Childs was 5' 9" and seems to have been about 165 at his best. This huge size differential might have made it hard to sell him as an opponent for Jeff. His best wins appear to have been the ones over Armstrong.

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