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Default Re: Who do people insist Judah should have had a KD on Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Vidic View Post

I mean, the fact that both fighters stumble off balance in opposite directions is a pretty definitive conclusion as to whether there was sufficient contact with eachothers feet, no?

Obviously Zab did land a very nice hook at the same time, but it seemed much more the footwork issue, with Floyd getting his lead foot behind Zabs, and not being able to pull it away to regain balance (which was pretty off with this shot anyway) on his right side and stumbling over

Zab was also off balance for a second or two afterward but he was in a much better position to regain it

The ref was correct to call it a slip imo
You are proving yourself wrong here. Their legs do not tangle. Judah has his foot down... Mayweather steps in and drives with his right... Judah counters with his right hook... Judah then steps away before Mayweather is even moving that lead foot back. The picture that you show is when Judah had his leg bent, foot in the air, already backing out and shifting off to the side. That isn't Judah stepping on his foot... the video clearly shows that he simply moved his foot out of there. They didn't tangle... Judah never stepped down anywhere near Floyd's foot. Zab was pivoting on his right heel as he threw that hook... you can tell it isn't contacting Floyd's foot when he slightly pivots... then he moves it.

The feet had absolutely nothing to do with anything.
This video clearly shows that...
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