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Default Re: Dib-Munoz Purse bid results

Originally Posted by StiffJab View Post
And that cements your place as 2012's biggest cry baby straight shooter. You do nothing but kick up a stink when people dont agree with you. FACT.

You dont have a clue about what you talk about. FACT

You think you know everything but never post a link or evidence to support your claims. FACT

I have never seen a poster on here cry as much as you. FACT
Really? Really? REAALLLY?? Where am I having a cry? Soliman is a money hungry grub whod sell his wife to make a buck...make a reply to my previous coment to prove me wrong? and YOU PROVE ME WRONG.
I know Soliman,Iv dealt with him Multiple times over the years,so **** oath I can judge,you on the other hand are one of those 'he is the nicest guy in boxing' even though you dont know the grub from a bar of soap!
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