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Default Re: Dib-Munoz Purse bid results

Originally Posted by Straight Shoota View Post
Really? Really? REAALLLY?? Where am I having a cry? Soliman is a money hungry grub whod sell his wife to make a buck...make a reply to my previous coment to prove me wrong? and YOU PROVE ME WRONG.
I know Soliman,Iv dealt with him Multiple times over the years,so **** oath I can judge,you on the other hand are one of those 'he is the nicest guy in boxing' even though you dont know the grub from a bar of soap!
You must be a full on meth head. When did I say soliman is the nicest guy in boxing? When did I say you have no right to judge him?

All I'm pointing out is:

1. You are a ****ing cry baby sook. FACT
2. You spin **** but never post any evidence. FACT
3. Your a ****ing clown, if your going to put FACT at the end of all your posts at least provide some evidence.

Did you work with KT personally as well? Thats how you know by FACT that he ducked PBF "multiple" times

****ing dumb **** FACT
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