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Default Re: Is this a good idea or a bad idea? (leading with a long range hook)

i believe you should not lead with a long ranging left hook, it's just not worth the risk if you arent athletic like rjj, that being said unless you are on PEDS then you should just go for the uppercutting left hook shovel head snapping jab diagonal hookercut. That's the main way to go, anything else then no, you should also ditch the jab for that punch as it is much more efficient, gives you more hip power by splitting the diameter of your obliques by the second you acually throw the punch without even showing any slight bit of telegraphing your punch. By then you would have set up yourself to land another punch by throwing annother shovel down cut punch to the top of his head, to top that off you need to also go for broke and kick him in the *****. By then he should be at your mercy and you can go for the straight corkscrewing Heart break shot which is much stronger than the normal heart break shot. But instead you go right through his heart and end up grabbing it. Then you can either choose to stomp on his heart mike tyson style or eat it like he wanted to eat lennox lewis's children. If that doesnt work you can always go for the hooker cutting kick in the ***** that comes from a diagonal angle where he would never expect it, at one time your sparring partner would think it would be a hook but instead it really is a uppercut/kick to the ***** then honestly i believe you could finish him right there by chopping his ***** off. I know what your thinking, r1p00pk we can only use boxing gloves but what you gotta do is grab a knife, when your coach comes to your gloves then you slip the knife on and throw a hankercheif over it to hide it then your coach will most likely tie over the hankercheif and the knife without noticing it. It's much simpler with a velcro strap glove so just do the same thing. Then when your chance arrives hookercut his ***** then chop the rest off and do as you please with it. Personally id sell them to mike tyson to eat my sparring partner or whoever im fighting's children. If you're worried about the hankercheif dulling the knife you might want to get the extra thin layered hankercheif

just my 2 cents

Warning you though this is all quite difficult to learn unless you take PEDS then you can do all that no problem without even practicing it on the bag or a sparring partner day after day after day. Goodluck

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