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Default Re: Why does Lennox Lewis act like Hatton whenever he is asked about Klitschko?

Originally Posted by Candyman View Post
Seems like in every interview I have ever heard Lennox asked the 'Klitschko question', he turns very defensive and into the 'me me me' mindset.

Classic lines such as 'look at his face', '2 weeks notice', seem to give off the same aura as Hatton's 'bad training camp' and 'the ref'

Something clearly irks him about that fight and I often wonder why he flat out refuses to give Klitschko any credit at all. I get the same feeling from Hatton whenever he talks about Mayweather or Pacquiao. Something deep down still quietly irks him about the Klitschko brothers. Steward said afterwards that Vitali made Lennox realise that his time was over and he respected his decision to retire quietly into the distance rather than give the rematch, surely the guy could have some humbleness and admit something along those lines even if he doesn't want to admit that in fights like that the W or L tells less than half the story.

Tbh Lennox strikes me as having a bit of the Hatton 'me me me' streak in him and it comes out in full force whenever he gets asked about Vitali or Wladimir
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