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To keep in shape. In my mid-20s, I'd say it's the time where people get fatter because they start getting jobs. It's scary, fit people I knew now are starting to sport beer bellies. I'm not super fat but I cannot fit well in my high school jeans and that's scary as well.

I appreciate boxing's history and culture. Professional boxers like Bernard Hopkins serve as a certain personal inspiration, not in all areas of life, but in terms of dedication,efforts and sacrifice to their craft.

To keep balance I guess. My life revolves around work. I am pretty anti-social overall but boxing is a sport where I find some common ground with others.

But I think at the most basic level, I just enjoy it over other physical activities. I could simply run or lift weight and I would be in shape, but it gives me a great sense of satisfaction to see myself improve in boxing. I just miss the feeling of small achievement, even if it might seem humble to others.
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