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Default Re: Anyone believe Glengoffe is gonna do Groves?

Just like the way Anakin Skywalker appeared in the Universe, so did George Groves. He appeared due to the energy created between David Haye and Adam Booth! George Groves is the love child of David Haye and Adam Booth.

He has no known birth-date, and he just appeared somewhere in a boxing gym in the 1990's.

The Birth date he has, was given to him by Adam Booth. In a attempt to cover up his mysterious mystical appearance.......

Adam Booth & David Haye from day to day, are tying to guide him. The reason why Adam Booth does not work with many fighters is because of the stress and seriousness of the Groves situation. Its a constant struggle and drain for Adam Booth, to psychological hold George Groves back! If it was not for Adam Booth, there would be allot of people dead.

If Adam Booth & David Haye are not aloud to control George Groves, people in general will suffer.
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