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Default Re: Who wins - GSP vs Silva

Silva is the favourite, i think that goes without saying

If GSP really wants this fight he should take a fight at MW, with a striker, before he fights Silva, i dont think GSP does want the fight, and i dont think the fight will happen based on that!

Breaking the fight down, it can be simplified as striker vs wrestler, ofcourse both are rounded but thats the nuts and bolts of it.

Can GSP take down, control and pound Silva for 5 rounds or force a stoppage, with out being caught on the feet? its a huge ask!

Can Silva avoid TD's from the premier wrestler in the sport P4P?, can he dominate the stand up? absolutely, can he submit GSP from the bottom?

My feeling is Silva TKO's him at some point in the fight, but ill say this, too many people are looking past St Pierre's wrestling ability, its hardly Aldo vs Mendes, St Pierre is a live threat in this fight
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