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Default Re: Who would you rate higher : Tim Witherspoon or Jim Jeffries ?

Originally Posted by edward morbius View Post
I didn't say Childs had better results against all their common opponents ,and I gave the examples in which he did.

Jeffries was happy to beat Armstrong by dec over 10 rds, but he did not face Childs who had kod Armstrong in 2 rds 7 months earlier, beaten him previously to that ,and would stop him again ayear later

When Jeffries defended against Corbett in 1900, Corbett had not fought in 2 years nor won a fight for 6 and that over middleweight Charley Mitchell.

In 1900 Childs was the Coloured Champion with wins over
Armstrong x2 [later 3]
Russell x3
Everett x2
Klondike x2
Draws with Kennedy ,Byers ,and Griffin.
Childs was 5' 9.5", and a year before Corbett challenged Jeffries ,weighed 173lbs for a fight with 230lbs Ed Dunkhorst.

Childs had Armstrong's number for some reason?
He beat him 3 out of 3, twice by ko, maybe he was just better?

Corbett never scaled 190lbs in the ring he weighed 178lbs when he beat Sullivan for the title and his best weight was in the low 180's.

Huge size differential making it hard to sell the fight?

Jeffries had 63lbs on Choynski, 32lbs on Sharkey , 60lbs on Finnegan,47lbs on Fitz.

Childs was as big as Sharkey and 1.5" taller, he was heavier than Fitz, Choynski, and Van Buskirk,and around the same weight as Finnegan whom Jeffries was happy to defend against.

This won't go.

You have broken the Dunkhorst rule.

Please to remember using Ed Dunkhorst to prove the value of any fighter who has beaten him is not worthy the breath it takes to utter his name or the calories burnt to type it.
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