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Default Re: Apparently i'm lefty, musta forgot to recieve the memo on that 1

Originally Posted by cutthroat22 View Post
It's obvious you're an alt but not lefty. Who were/are you? Wouldn't be suprised if you are Anglo tbh
I'm actually not m8 i stumbled across this site by accident check with the mods no alt.....i only discovered the site about a month before i joined. I found him hilarious at first but in reality hes deluded.
I just don't like ppl who are dismissive of anyone whos opinion doesnt fit with their agenda.
stuff like that I'd rather listen to ppl like smalls, billy, u or the other ppl other than him.
i have sometimes had the odd little dig at u for counting calories and ****, but thats only cos u seem sound don't want u to go down same route as him

n trust dont take advice from him cos ur way ahead of him
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