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Default Re: Broner vs Burns PUBLIC POLL

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
You dumb Americans are so far up your own ****s it's unreal.fight people who are not over matched,looking closer there really isn't to many US champs.most are Mexican and south Americans who fight in the states.
Burns will outwork Broner from 1st bell till the last,if he hears the last!!!!!
Its exactly the same for the UK fans though isn't it Billy?

Some of them are the most blind, deluded, re****ed boxing fans in the world....and I live here, its so bleeding obvious we have some of the worst out the lot.

All they are interested in, is a **** up and "their man", who will "smash everyone and anyone", purely because, he is "their man", they do not ****yze, they do not think about the other fighter, this doesnt even come into reckoning. The only result, is the one they themselves want to see, and isnt it great when they come crashing down to earth and "their man" gets exposed?

"Burns will outwork Broner from 1st bell till the last,if he hears the last!!!!!"

Just shut up Bill, at least until the fight gets announced, because recently, after the De Marco fight, Broner and his team aint talking about Ricky Burns, its been all about Rios.

I told you this is prizefighting, Ricky deserves his shot at the big time, but the fact of the matter is, in the US, he is at the back of the que.

He is a nobody. There are bigger money fights for Broner, before Ricky Burns comes into thinking.

It is what it is, its just the way it is, whether you like it or not.

Personally, Id love to see Broners next fight being Burns, but when I think about the situation clearly, I just cant see it....yet.
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