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Default Re: Hall of Famers vs Top 10 Contenders

Here's from Lufcrazy's heavyweight thread a year ago.
Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
A while ago I started a thread about this and have only just got round to finishing it.

This is just against opponents who have featured in the top 10 at one point NOT NECESSARILY AT THE TIME OF THE FIGHT.

I've done it for every HW who might have been considered the number 1 at some point so it isn't just lineal champions. I've also added amendments where I've watched a fight and disagreed with the result.


Wladimir Klitschko 17-2-0 (13)

Jackson, Barret, Byrd (x2), Jefferson, Mercer, McCline, Sanders, Brewster (x2), Peter (x2), Brock, Ibragimov, Thompson, Rahman, Chagaev, Chambers, Haye (16.)

+Chris Byrd 10-4-1 (3)

Jackson, Butler, Cooper, Ibeabuchi, Thunder, Ribalta, V Klitschko, W Klitschko (x2), Tua, Holyfield, Oquendo, Golota, McCline, Povetkin (14)

Vitali Klitschko 13-2-0 (11)

Ribalta, Hide, Byrd, Norris, Donald, Lewis, Johnson, Sanders, Williams, Peter, Gomez, Arreola, Johnson, Briggs, Adamek (15)

Hasim Rahman 4-7-2 (2)

Berbick, Tua (x2), Maskaev (x2), Sanders, Lewis (x2), Holyfield, Ruiz, Barret, Toney, W. Klitschko (9)

Lennox Lewis 21-2-1 (16) *22-2-0 (16)

Mason, Weaver, Biggs, Ocasio, Ruddock, Tucker, Bruno, Jackson, McCall (x2), Butler, Morrison, Mercer, Akinwande, Golota, Briggs, Holyfield (x2)*, Grant, Tua, Rahman (x2), Tyson, V. Klitschko (21)

Shannon Briggs 4-4-1 (3) *3-5-1 (3)

Ellis, Foreman*, Lewis, Botha, McCline, Mercer, Lyakhovic, Ibragimov, V. Klitschko (9)

Michael Moorer 4-3-0 (2)

Cooper, Smith, Holyfield (x2), Foreman, Schulz, Botha, Tua (7)

Rid**** Bowe 13-1-0 (11)

Butler, Thomas, Cooper, Biggs, Tubbs, Seldon, Holyfield (x3), Dokes, Ferguson, Hide, Gonzalez, Golota (x2) (12)

Evander Holyfield 18-9-2 (9) *19-9-0 (9)

Tillis, Thomas, Dokes, Rodrigues, Stewart (x2), Douglas, Foreman, Cooper, Holmes, Bowe (x3), Moorer (x2), Mercer, Tyson (x2), Lewis (x2)*, Ruiz (x3)**, Rahman, Byrd, Toney, Donald, Oquendo, Ibragimov, Valuev* (22)

Buster Douglas 5-4-0 (1)

Bey, Cobb, Ferguson, Page, Tucker, Berbick, McCall, Tyson, Holyfield, (8.)

Mike Tyson 18-5-0 (14) *20-5-0 (16)

Tillis, Berbick, Smith, Thomas, Tucker, Biggs, Frazier, Ribalta, Holmes, Tubbs, M.Spinks, Bruno (x2), Stewart, Williams, Douglas, Ruddock (x2), Seldon, Holyfield (x2), Lewis, Williams (*Norris, Golota) (20) *(22)

Michael Spinks 3-1-0 (1) *2-2-0 (1)

Holmes (x2)*, ****ey, Tyson (3)

Larry Holmes 24-5-0 (17) *26-3-0 (17)

Shavers(x2), Norton, Avengelisto, Occasio, Zanon, Jones, LeDoux, Ali, Berbick, L.Spinks, Snipes, ****ey, Cobb, Witherspoon, Smith (x2), Bey, Williams, Ribalta, Frazier, M.Spinks (x2)*, Tyson, Mercer, Holyfield, McCall*, Weaver (x2) (25)

Leon Spinks 3-4-1 (2)

LeDoux, Ali (x2), Coatzee, Evangelista, Mercado, Holmes, Cobb (7)

+Ken Norton 10-7-1 (6) *11-6-1 (6)

Garcia (x2), Clarke, Ali (x3)*, Foreman, Kirkman, Quarry, Middleton, Bobick, Zanon, Young, Holmes, Shavers, LeDoux, Cobb, ****ey (15)

George Foreman 15-5-0 (13) *16-4-0 (13)

Kirkman, Chuvalo, Peralta (x2), Frazier (x2), Norton, Ali, Lyle, LeDoux, Young, Cooper, ****ey, Rodrigues, Holyfield, Ellis, Morrison, Moorer, Schulz, Briggs* (18.)

Joe Frazier 14-4-0 (9)

Bonavena (x2), Machen, Daniels, Jones, Chuvalo, Ramos, Quarry (x2), Ellis (x2) , Ali (x3), Foreman (x2), Bugner, Mathis (12)

Muhammed Ali 43-5-0 (26) *42-6-0 (26)

Johnson, Miteff, Besmanoff, Logan, Daniels, Avorante, Powell, Moore, Jones, Cooper (x2), Liston (x2), Patterson (x2), Chuvalo (x2), London, Mildenberger, Williams, Terrell, Folley, Quarry (x2), Bonavena, Frazier(x3), Mathis, Blin, Lewis Ellis, Foster, Bugner (x2), Norton (x3)*, Foreman, Wepner, Lyle, Young, Evangelista, Shavers, Spinks (x2), Holmes, Berbick (37)
Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Sonny Liston 17-3-0 (14)

Summerlin (x2), Bethea, Hunter, DeJohn, Williams (x2), Valdes, Besmanoff, Harris, Folley, Machen, Patterson (x2), Ali (x2), Rischer, Lincoln, Wepner, Martin (16)

Ingo Johanneson 9-2-0 (7)

Hoff, Cavicci, Cooper, Erskine, Neuhaus, Machen, Patterson (x3), Richardson, London (9)

Floyd Patterson 11-7-1 (8.)

Slade, Jackson (x2), Moore, Harris, London, Johanneson (x3), Liston (x2), Machen, Chuvalo, Ali (x2), Cooper, Quarry (x2), Ellis, Bonavena (14)

+Archie Moore 13-3-1 (7)

Payne, Muscato, Bivins, Sys, Slade, Dunlop (x2), Henry, Valdes (x2), Baker, Marciano, Patterson, Besmanoff (x2), Lavorante, Ali (14)

Rocky Marciano 16-0-0 (14)

Muscato, Reynold, Shkor, La Starza (x2), Layne, Beshore, Louis, Savold, Matthews, Walcott (x2), Charles (x2), ****ell, Moore (13)

Joe Walcott 16-10-0 (6)

Ray (x3), Simon, Baksi, Murray, Bivins, Oma, Gomez, Maxim (x3), Hoff, Louis (x2), Charles (x4), Agramonte, Johnson, Sheppard Layne, Marciano (x2) (16)

Ezzard Charles 26-12-0 (11)

Maxim (x5), Bivins (x4), Ray (x2), Baksi, Walcott (x4), Valentino, Beshore, Louis, Oma, Layne (x3), Kahut, Brion, Harrison, Valdes, Wallace, Sattersfield, Marciano (x2), Holman (x2), Jackson (x2), Young Johnson, Bethea, McMurty, Richardson, Logan (24)

Jimmy Bivins 21-11-1 (6)

Musto, Bettina (x3), Pastor (x2), Muscato, Mauriello (x2), Savold, Valentino (x2), Murray (x5), Walker, Scott, Sheppard (x3), Walcott, Agramonte, Thompson, Payne, Henry (x2), Louis, Baker, Wallace, Harrison (x2) (20)

Joe Louis 50-3-0 (38.)

Everett, Sykes, Toles, Barry, Pareda, Massare, McCoy, Roper, Ramage (x2), Perroni, Brown (x2), Reztlaff, Carnera, Levinski, Baer, Uzcudun, Schmelling (x2), Sharkey, Attore, Pastor (x2), Braddock, Farr, Mann, Galento, Paycheck, Godoy (x2), Burman, Dorazio, Simon (x2), Musto, Baer (x2), Conn (x2), Nova, Mauriello, Walcott (x2), Charles, Brion (x2), Beshore, Agoramante (x2), Savold, Bivins, Marciano (42)

James Braddock 3-5-0 (0)

Rosenbloom, Schaaf, Ettore, Reztlaff, Lasky, Baer, Louis, Farr (8.)

Max Baer 10-9-0 (7)

Brown, Schaaf (x2), Heeney (x2), Loughran, Risko (x2), Uzcudun, Levinski (x3), Griffiths, Schmelling, Carnera, Braddock, Louis, Farr (x2), Nova (x2), Galento, Comiskey (16)

Primo Carnera 13-9-0 (6)

Stribling (x2), Godfrey, Maloney (x2) Uzcudun (x2), Gorman, Sharkey (x2), Levinski (x2), Gains, Poreda, Lasky, Schaaf, Loughran, Baer, Louis, Neusel, Haynes (16)

Jack Sharkey 17-12-2 (5) *16-13-2 (5)

Weinert (x2), Johnson, Renault, Rojas, Gorman (x2), Risko (x2), Maloney (x2), Godfrey, Wills, Dempsey, Heeney, Delaney, De Kuh, Stribling, Loughran (x2), Scott, Schmelling (x2)*, Walker, Carnera (x2), Levinski, Winston, Louis (22)

Max Schemlling 9-6-1 (6) *10-5-1 (6)

Gains, Risko, Uzcudun (x3), Sharkey (x2)*, Stribling, Walker, Baer, Hamas (x2), Neusel (x2), Louis (x2) (10)

Gene Tunney 9-0-0 (4)

Weinert (x2), Spalla, Greb, Gibbons, Risko, Dempsey (x2), Heeney (7)

+Wills 33-7-4 (16)

Clark (x8.), Jeanette (x3), Langford (x17), Meehan, McVey (x5), Jim Johnson (x2), Smith, Martin, Norfolk, Firpo, Weinert, F.Johnson, Sharkey, Uzcudun (14)

Dempsey 21-5-3 (13)

J. Flynn (x2), Meehan (x5), Smith (x2), Morris (x3), Brennan (x2), Miske (x3), Pelkey, D. Flynn (x2), Fulton, Levinski, Willard, Carpentier, Gibbons, Firpo, Tunney (x2), Sharkey (16)

Willard 5-3-1 (2)

Pelkey, McCarthy, Smith, Morris, J. Johnson, Moran, Dempsey, F. Johnson, Firpo (9)

+McVey 24-14-11 (9)

Johnson (x3), Carter, Martin (x4), Jeanette (x4), Kubiak, Langford (x15), Jim Johnson (x7), Lang, Pelkey, Wills (x5), Ferguson, Clark (x6) (12)

+Jeanette 23-16-11 (6)

Johnson (x5), Langford (x9), McVey (x4), Ferguson (x4), Kubiak (x4), Clarke (x4), Ross (x2), D Flynn (x2), Sullivan, Jim Johnson (x9), Carpentier, Pelkey, Wills (x3) (13)
Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
+Langford 48-27-18 (20)

Jeanette (x9), Johnson, Ferguson (x2), Kubiak (x2), J Flynn (x6), Schreck, Ketchel, Jim Johnson (x12), Clarke (x10), Lang, McVey (x15), O’Brien, Ross, D Flynn (x2), Smith (x2), Curran, Wills (x17), Fulton (x2), Meehan, Norfolk. (19)

Johnson 27-5-5 (7)

Choynski, Griffin (x3), Childs (x2), Gardner, Martin (x2), McVey (x3), Ferguson (x4), Hart, Jeanette (x7), Langford, Fitzsimmons, Felix, J. Flynn (x2), Burns, Ross, Kaufman, Ketchel, Jeffries, Jim Johnson, Moran, Willard (21)

Burns 5-2-2 (3)

Hart, Flynn, O’Brien (x2), Lang (x2), J.Johnson, Pelkey, Beckett (7)

Hart 8.-5-3 (3)

Choynski, Carter, Gardner, Ferguson, Ruhlin (x2), J.Johnson, Root, Burns, Schrek (x3), Maher, Twin Sullivan, Ross, Morris (12)

Jeffries 12-1-2 (9)

Griffin (x2), Ruhlin (x2), Choynski, Goddard. Jackson, Sharkey (x2), Fitzsimmons (x2), Munroe, Corbett (x2), Kennedy, J.Johnson (11)

Fitzsimmons 7-6-0 (6) *8-5-0 (8.)

Dooley (x2), Maher, Sharkey (x2)*, Corbett, Jeffries (x2), Dunkhorst, Ruhlin, O’Brien, Johnson, Lang (10)

Corbett 9-4-3 (5)

Donaldson, Burke, Choynski (x3), Kilrain, Burke McCaffrey, Sullivan, Mitchell, Sharkey (x2), Fitzsimmons, McCoy, Jackson, Jeffries (x2) (13)

Peter Jackson 10-3-2 (8.)

Farnam (x2), Lees (x2), Dooley, O’Donnell, Godfrey, McCauliffe, Cardiff, Maher, Smith, Goddard, Corbett, Slavin, Jeffries (13)

Sullivan 11-1-3 (5)

Donaldson, Goss, Burke, Greenfield (x2), Dalton, Ryan (x2), Elliot, Mitchell, Slade, Mcaffrey, Kilrain, Burke, Corbett (13)
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