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Default Re: After BJ Penn KOs or Submits Rory...

I didn't mean to mislead anybody, I do not think at all that Penn can beat Anderson or has any business fighting him.

That being said, Penn has an aura about him. He is an enigma to many people. He represents something with great potential to do something amazing, in alot of peoples eyes. I heard from Dan Henderson's own mouth, less than a month ago, that BJ Penn could hold the LW and WW belts right now if he was 100% motivated and In shape. That may not be true, it may be, but if Dan friggin Henderson still thinks it's true, so do alot of other people!
BJ has a charisma about him, people want to believe he is the greatest because he presents something different. And it won't take much for people to jump right back on his bandwagon. If he beats Rory convincingly, there will be an army of people saying he's back and he is top 3 P4P again.

And i honestly believe if he is in shape, Rory is a very good style matchup for him. Rory will be there to be hit, and doesn't have the best takedowns.

The dude has looked like he's been in shape for over a month now, follow him on Instagram. He looks serious, and he looks motivate.
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