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Default Re: Foreman struggling with Peralta leaves me unsatisfied

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis View Post
well we know he was known for staying the distance with Marciano, Jimmy Bivins and Archie Moore but he did have some decent wins He beat Billy Fox and drew, He slit 3 with a prime Bernie Reynolds W,L & D. and Reynalds beat Nathan Mann, Eddie Blunt and Cesar Brion about that time. He drew with the tough Eddie Blunt, Lee Oma and Lee Savold and he Beat 2x a UD and a KO over 6"3 Willie James who had KO'd Ingemar Johansons Olympic conqueror Undefeated Big Ed Sanders and James also beat Burt Whitehurst and Rex Layne and Willie Wilson and Tiger Ted KO'd the 6"3 James in 7

Ted claimed a lot of the decisions he lost were bogus and we know how that goes but I believe a lot of the fights could have been close because they brought him into lose...Peralta on the other hand was a big name in Argentina, and a big star and most of his fights were fought there and he was a star and a favorite in Argentina[/quote]

This is funny because the shoe was most firmly on the other foot.

Lowry had 10 draws,5 were in his adopted home state 1 was in his birth place. Lowry won 5 split decisions 4 of them were in his home state.
Lowry drew with a Savold who had lost 3 of his last 4 fights. he drew with Oma who had been booed out of the UK for tanking with the headlines
"Oma Coma Aroma".nb Oma later beat him.

Lowry fought 88 of his 148 fights in his adopted home state, in which he died 2 years ago ,he fought a further 8 in his birth place, thats 96 of 148 fights where he had home advantage. He fought outside the US just twice.
Contrast this with Peralta who fought outside his native land 44 times out of his 116 fights.
ALL Peralta's major fights,
except the return with Mina and the fights with fellow Argentinian's Perez and Bonavena[1]were outside his home land.
Peralta fought Foreman 2 - 0 in the US
Pastrano 2-0 in the US
Thornton 2-0 in the US
Lyle 1 in the US, 1 in Germany
Urtain in Spain
Zech in Germany.
Peralta was the" have gloves will travel" fighter.
Who Reynolds beat is irrelevant , its who Lowry beat that is germane to the argument.

The Fox he beat was conceding 7lbs to him,and was inside the LHVY limit in their draw.
Well, some fighters are brought in to lose and my point is Peralta was a big name in Argentina and he came in as a contender, while Ted Lowry was the opponent..I know people that saw both Marciano fights and said Rocky won both clearly but others say the first fight was close and so were many of Teds other losses...Peralta had a name in the US as a light heavyweight contender and had some good heavyweight wins...Ted beat and drew with some good fighters that were in the primes of there careers and was always unheralded even in his home town
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