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Default Re: Team Golovkin 'Best need to fight the best'...who has GGG fought tho?

Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
I'd kinda' like to know this, too.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's been ducked up until now, since he is incredibly dangerous yet previously not well known to the general public. Like Wilder, he's the classic "no upside to fighting him" opponent.

But now he has worldwide exposure, and a major network behind him, so their is a LARGE upside to facing him.

Also, while he is very, very good, he's not unbeatable. He hasn't exactly proven himself in the pros yet. I'm sure guys like Geale & Maravilla think they can win. (they might be wrong, I'm just saying they would probably think so, having the mindset of a true champion.)


You know who would definitely fight GGG, if given the chance? Keith Thurman. He could easily make the weight, and wants to fight everyone. Now THAT would be an exciting bout!
Thruman's handlers wouldn't put Thruman anywhere near Golovkin. That would be an incredibly bad decision on their end to try and make that fight.
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