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Default Re: Charley Burley vs Al Gainer

I am the proverbial weather vane, so asked yesterday or tomorrow my answer will be different. But for the moment, I think Burley would likely outbox Gainer.

Gainer's size and especially power is a massive factor, but he could be outboxed by Burley by virtue of the smaller man's control, positioning, fighting and head movement.

Apperently Burley could outbox/control almost anyone...and I think if Slapsie Maxie and John Henry Lewis could outbox Gainer, Burley being smaller and less inclined to trade for fear of being crunched might be convinced to fight safety first. If he did that, theoretically the bout will turn out either as a Burley or Gainer decision, with the fulcrum being whether Gainer can pressure Burley enough to win the necessary rounds. But I'm assuming Burley would not trade to his disadvantage, or would at some point he need to hurl that right hand of his and risk being hurt. Also, is not bombing not be Burley's style (although i know he did fight to a decision once using only the lead hand and throwing maybye 5 rights in the entire bout- incidentally while being cornered by Lewis, so fighting to a plan away from his apperent strenths is something he could do)?

Would he win a decision, would Gainer press enough? I think if Rosenbloom could beat Gainer, Burley could too. Afterall, he was supposed to be almost inhuman?

ps. Surf-bat or anyone else, surely these two must have crossed paths in a gym, any tidbits???
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