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Default Re: Lionel rose overrated

Lionel: An incredible world class boxer; who married his defensive and attacking block buster jabs, with left rip, left hook, right cross combos freely on the front and back foot.
Fenech doesnt deserve to be spoken about in the same paragraph as bantam or super bantam, and at Rose's peak time 1968, I would put my house and cars on Rose to knock Fenech out within in the first five rounds. (In my view, Fenech styled himself on a Harada walk up)
Lionel's lossage rate is heavy towards his end of career/bouts, and mostly
due to the fact that he was straining himself so much to make weight.
He had the build of a light welter weight from waist up.
To think Rose was over rated, and to get on here and state this? just shows the ignorance, yes, and the sacreligious mentality of unaware opinionmakers of these times. Damn you...and most people who did some research would say that you are remiss to suggest or state this.

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