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Default Finding the range with the lead right cross VS a southpaw!?

Ok everyone says throw the lead right cross throw the lead right cross vs a southpaw, but I cant get close enough.

Lets say the guy has a little bit longer arms and is a little bit taller.

Then you have the crossed swords of a southpaw vs orthodox stances, these two mirrored stances dont "fit" together like orthodox and orthodox do, and so you tend to have a huge gap or distance between the two fighters, and two long lead arms getting in the way of each other, constantly colliding with each others jabs rarely is a jab getting through to the other persons head, and we start firing jabs at jabs and parrying each others jabs before the head is even in range to jab! Let alone cross.

So then I get the advice lead with the right cross or counter the jab with the rear which Im sure is very good advice.

But how the hell do I reach him with it? He is too far away! Id have to step in which could be dangerous if I get caught on the way in!?

I find it much easier to set up my cross with a x2 jab.

But I would still like to know how to REACH him with the lead cross!

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