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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by C.J. View Post
Bull****!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lennox Lewis is the best HW champ since Ali. He ducked no one. Rid**** Bowe , Tyson & Holyfield ducked Lennox in fact Bowe was scared ****less of Lennox
Tyson didn't duck him, his team offered Lewis $13M to fight him (which would be the largest purse of his career) after he was released from prison and Lewis took step aside money instead. Mike then took Holyfield on because it would be a more lucrative fight and because Lewis was still relatively unknown and unpopular in the US and just got KTFO by Tysons sparring partner.

And why would Holyfield duck him when he was aging faster than him?? So he could fight him when he was declining and old and when Lewis was in his prime??? Holyfield never ducked anybody. Lewis didn't ascend to prominence until the late 90s and Holyfield fought him then ... When Holyfield was champ in the early 90s he already lost to Bowe when Lewis was supposed to get a title shot.
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