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Default Prime Joe Calzagge VS Prime Roy Jones Jr. Who wins and how?

So remember folks Calzagge has an extremely hard punch, he almost took out Christ Eubank with it, and Eubank has one of the best p4p chins out there able to hang with cruiser weights as a natural middleweight.

Most people think of Calzagge as a high volume slappy punch and he is he had to adopt this style because his power was too much for his hands and he kept breaking his hands, but for this match up his hand are not yet broken to pieces and he can fire his heaviest shots.

Also remember he is a southpaw with a hard straight like like Antonio Tarver.

We know a faded Jones couldnt get his right cross lead off on calzagge and his lead hooks and jab were in effective also.

Calzagge has a good chin, and comes back hard when ever rocked, always has good cardio so this means he dosnt get rocked for long and is hard to riock in the 1st place.

He would be the fastest guy Roy has ever faced.

He has a huge volume of punches, and huge cardio, more so than roy. He dosnt fade in the later rounds like roy does.

He is an awkward southpaw.

He beat a past prime Roy easily although he was a simalr age himself abiet in better condition.

Also Joe has never taken sterods and Roy has, a prime roy is not allowed to use steroids!!! So hes not as invincible as usual.

So yea I dont necessarily think Joe would win, I just wanted to stress his good points because its usually a blow out overwhelming vote in Roy Jones Jrs favor.


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