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Default Re: 'LIONHEART'. ALEX LEAPAIS new promotional video.

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
mate, please tell all the other dead****s in this thread.

so much hate for a working man having a go, its unaustralian!!

i hope you all realise..the ones that read and dont post..the hatred comes from other aussie promotors, heavies and their nut huggers. not from real boxing fans.

JEALOUSY. that is why there are so many haters. people in the game. they are so jealous that an aussie has a title hope in the heavy division and they are sociopathetically jealous!!

****. alex isnt even green or mundine!! the haters and jealousy he has attracted are from other australian gyms!!

all you have to do is look at the haters, and know who they are....we know.
I don't think you'll find there are that many HATERS actually. There are a ton of people who respect how he conducts himself and the 'fight in the dog' he displays. Remove Franny and KKK and you've pretty much only got blokes you have given their realistic appraisal of Alex's skills and potential. I'm yet another that says good luck to him
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