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Default Re: Prime Joe Calzagge VS Prime Roy Jones Jr. Who wins and how?

Roy´s faster, as big, more powerful. Calzaghe would push him, his high-volume output together with speed would trouble Jones. Calzaghe would be able to get Jones on the ropes and then unload regularly. But this won´t be enough. Prime Jones had the reflexes, and defence to avoid most punches and getting caught on the ropes too often. Prime Jones also was a far better ring general than Calzaghe with quite a bit faster feet. He would avoid him more often than not. A badly faded, shot Jones was able to time Calzaghe coming in and put him down. A prime Jones would land that shot more often than once.
Calzaghe was very good, the greatest 168 pounder IMO. but Jones was the better 168 pounder and it would show in this fight. Calzaghe would push him harder than anyone else during Roy´s prime but he would solve him and win a clear decision, maybe even a stoppage towards the end.
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