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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

? Being a good cherry picker is an asset imo

Team Floyd is what I call a good cherry picker, somewhere along the lines of SRL (the goat of cherry picking, too bad he revealed it).

Team Pac is what I call horrible cherry picking.

A person who is adept at cherry picking can detect when an opponent is ripe for the picking and few people know it, let alone the general public. The good win will mask the fact that the fighter has a glaring flaw, diminished in performance, or simply has been found to have a good stylistic matchup.

A bad cherrypicker will blatantly select an opponent that has a much more tangible certainty of losing (ie a recent loss, essentially **** you can see on record- weights, etc), and is consequently more easily detectable by the public.

Think of the difference between the two like a fighter selecting his opponent vs a manager (who has no fight experience) selecting an opponent for his fighter. The fighter knows his own body more than anyone else
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