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Default Re: Old school training routines seem to be the simplest and most effective!

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
For all my Yapper fan's, here is when S&C is an asset, for an old guy who needs the edge he lost with his youth and when it's not when you have a beginner, who any average coach can get the fighter ready for an amateur fight or a four rdr. I do this not for you yappers, but cos there may be someone out trying to find his way. Here 'tis

Alex Ariza on JMM's conditioning
"Memo is brilliant I don't have any suspicions,'' Ariza told USA TODAY Sports. "When you get someone like that who knows the science of exercise and nutrition . . . well, we saw a whole different fighter when he fought Manny last time.
"It's not because (trainer) Nacho Beristain is teaching (Marquez) something new. It is because Memo now has Marquez's confidence. He has done things to his body. He has taken a good fighter at 39 and completely evolved him. Now I've got a guy (Hernandez) teaching the science as well we're on an even plane. That's my fear.''

Finally someone giving credit where it's due. Hernandez has Marquez using training methods that he never has before. He's gone from throwing rocks and drinking his **** to modern scientific training methods and nutrition. Maybe, just maybe, that has something to do with his slight increase in bulk. He's done a lot of weight training for this fight. Many here seem to forget Hernandez was and is an excellent strenght and conditioning coach who's worked with Olympic athletes before the PED mess he got himself into. He's had the training, he has the knowledge. A man's previous actions don't define how he conducts himself presently.
Ariza is a man who's inside the sport, who actually knows what he's talking about. As opposed the myriad of dumb ****s we have here talking **** about things they have no clue on. **** is tiring. Remember, Ariza is the man who ripped Bob Arum to shreds in many articles, on twitter. He's never been afraid to say what he thinks. He doesn't think JMM is juicing. That should be enough for anyone here.

This is from another thread, so my favorite yappers, get to yappin'

and now something for the feebleminded yappers, cartoon time.

Funny.Now you are saying how ariza knows what he is saying and he is the man,and few pages back you riped him into shreds.Sure.
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