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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
Hi pal,

You'll have to educate me on this.

I thought the winner of this fight was in line for a shot a Nunn/Toney, but a draw threw a spanner in the works?

Didn't King want the winner to fight those guys?

I know around the same time, that Eubank was content with his deal defending the WBO and basically picking his own opponents.

Then he later admitted that he didn't want Toney, and Roy was never his mandatory.

Regards, Loudon.
Benn was Eubank's WBO mandatory at smw, but Eubank refused to face him. So Benn would vacate his position to fight for the WBC belt which he won. It was only then that Eubank, who was sitting ringside for the Benn-Galvano fight, agreed to fight him.

The purse for the fight was 1.4m which was going to get split 50-50. It was to be shown on ITV. This was when Don King arrived on the scene. King wanted to unify the belts and wanted the WBC belt, neither King or Showtime wanted the WBO belt, which wasn't recognized back then. The deal was in exchange for bringing in the Showtime money, the winner of Benn-Eubank would give King the right to co-promote their next three fights. Benn would get 300k and Eubank would get 100k. The winner supposed to fight Nunn, who was a King fighter

The fight was scored a draw, so Eubank opted out. Benn was so impressed with the extra money then he signed on with King. In his autobiography he says it was the best thing he ever did. The problem was that Nunn would drop a debatable decision to Steve Littles.

Toney was not involved in any of the above, but around that time he had been openly calling for Nunn, Benn and Eubank
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