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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
You're back!

But with more nonsense ha!

Toney didn't have a great 168 resume, but at 160 he'd beaten Nunn, and the Body Snatcher who were great fighters.

Those two wins eclipse anything Eubank did.

What did James do a year after this video?

He fought Roy Jones.

Something that Eubank wasn't interested in.

The winner of Benn vs Eubank 2 was going to fight Toney, but they drew. How did James hide from them? Did he run up to 175 because he was scared?

Roy didn't do much at 168, because after he'd beaten Toney, he knew he wouldn't be able to unify, so he moved up to 175 for a new challenge.

Benn and Eubank had better 168 resumes, because that was their best weight, and they stayed there longer than James.

Yet again, you haven't allowed for circumstances.

Overall, Toney has a better resume than both.

Regards, Loudon.

The winner was gonna fight Nunn actually. Who Toney was losing to wide before pulling out a show stopper.

Why the hate for Brit fighters ? some shite agenda that nobody cares about You seem like an intelligent enough guy.
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