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Default Re: Boxing gyms in N.VA

Depending on where you llive in N.VA (I'm in Alexandria) there aren't too many around here that I'm familiar with. But, I do go to one in DC (NW) called Downtown Boxing club. It's not bad and the trainer really prefers beginners (which most of us are anyhow) and he gives ring time with him and pads, has us on the bags, and when you're ready he'll talk to you about attending the Sunday 130 sparring sessions. I have been to two so far. Your first sparring session will be with someone VERY close to your weight and you'll gove over basic drills with a partner. You'll do this a few weeks and then he'll put you in there with another person that's a bit more experienced where you'll start using more than a jab (the other guy is there to teach about counters and point out your mistakes, not pound your face into the ground). Once you're pretty well set you can request to do a 2min round with the others or you can just continue coming during the week to train/tweak skills. $100 a month ($75 if you're a full time student) and you can attend as many sessions per week as you'd like (roughly 3-5 classes a day every day...Sunday has 2 classes). So basically, if you wanted to attend the gym sessions 3 times a day 6 days a week (WAY too much, but perspective here) for $100 a month you'd be opening yourself up to 300+ sessions a month if you wanted. Not a bad deal in my opinion.
There's another in Falls Church (Olympia, I think) that you have to pay to get "evaluated". I can't speak on much of it, but I've heard a few good things and a few bad things about this one. Downtown Boxing is fun, the atmosphere is pretty chill, the trainer isn't super great, but he's pretty knowledgeable and for the little bits of "real boxing gyms" in the N.VA area, I'd say this is probably one of the better ones if you're looking to just get into it and learn. Good luck on joining any boxing gym and getting into it!
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