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Default Re: Who do you want to see GSP fight next?

Originally Posted by CrimsonBeast View Post
He has wrestling but, i doubt he can stuff GSP for long. One other thing he has in his favor is the fear that will be in GSP's heart when they are standing

edit: oh and hes a south paw. I think that may give GSP some trouble.
Not sure if GSP has hired Lamsonkram permanently, but if he hasn't he should think about doing so especially if he has to fight Hendricks. Being a southy in any form unrestricted striking combat can be a disadvantage unless you are a righty convert. You're "open" or less gaurded side makes you very open to back leg round kicks (power kicks) from an orthodox fighter, you can't miss. Anyway, if GSP is stronger on the ground as most of you fellas are suggesting I assume Hendricks is gonna wanna stand up and fight. Well if Lamsonkram is still his striking trainer it's meat and patatoes for any Muay Thai tactician to come up with a plan to negate and work round a single shot one punch fighter, that's if GSP is up to the grade strikingwise.

Not looking good for Hendricks.
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