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Default Re: Dietary and workout advice for weight gain

Originally Posted by The Guvnor View Post
Alright lads, I'm wanting to add around a stone in muscle over a period of time, mostly to chest and shoulders, I figure my arms will be working in these exercises anyway. I play football so obviously the training I do away from this is going to be cardio and stamina stuff.
I understand wanting to add some muscle to your chest and shoulders but if you play football the majority of the muscle you add should go to your legs and core.

It's nice looking good and having an aesthetically pleasing upper body, but as with any sport that doesn't mean **** if you have weak, skinny legs.

On top of that I've got a high metabolism and can pretty much eat whatever I want and not add any weight.
Maybe you can eat whatever you want... for a day. Consistently consume 500 calories above your daily maintenance every single day and you'll add mass just like every other human being on the planet.

I'm 6ft and weight 11.5 stones, what sort of diet should I be implementing and what type of workouts should I be doing to achieve my goals?
Take what you consume now (maintenance calories) and add a snack or small meal which equates to around 250-500 calories to this amount. It doesn't matter what these calories are from. I found my maintenance calories then to make it easy started eating a different chocolate bar every day ranging from 250-280 calories. I'm adding mass with minimal fat gains.

Once you start adding around 1 pound a week (maybe slightly less if you want lean gains) maintain that consumption and work on it from there.

I know some people will ***** about this with the whole "That's too complicated or difficult" but the main thing I've found for diet is planning. Plan how many calories you need to consume and what time you're going to consume them. If you don't plan it you'll most likely fail. Planning has helped me a hell of a lot with sticking to a decent diet.
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