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Default Re: JMM should challenge Roach... Call his bluff!!!

Originally Posted by Hermit View Post
You conveniently forget where things stand now. May, "Pac has to leave Arum to make the fight". Pac has a contract so May is saying 'no fight'. Again, you pick and choose.
I think your blind, this has nothing to do with a fight that neither man wants. And nothing about Mayweather, it's about peds

Pacquiao consistently made excuses and changed his stance as to why he wouldn't take testing and said with his own mouth AFTER he said he would take testing up until whatever date, that he only needed to take tests that 'the commission asked for'

Coming up with 5 or 6 different reasons and stipulations about blood testing is shady in anyones book

Saying you would only take the tests required by the NSAC was even more shady

Not ever attempting to clear up the issue, is shady

Marquez has been accused once by Freddie Roach and has instantly responded how anybody who was clean (or wanted you to beleive they were) should

'I am 100% clean, I will take any tests you want to prove it'

Why Pac did not do this? I don't know, but I will forever believe he was on something due to he and his teams reluctance, double-talk & excuses when testing was brought up
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