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Default Re: Who would you rate higher : Tim Witherspoon or Jim Jeffries ?

"none of the white fighters would face them"

I'm wonder if this is fair. I think the top black heavies of the 1890's were Jackson, Armstrong, Griffin, and Childs. Jeffries beat the first three (Jeff handed Griffin his only recorded loss in the '90's)--I will add to this in a separate post.

*The SF Chronicle ran an article in 1896 which claimed Jeffries had ko'd Childs in two rounds. This is in dispute, but who knows? There might have been such a fight in a small club somewhere.

"Childs was appreciably heavier and more muscular than either"

This is a sweeping statement to make of men with so few photos, and only a few weights given and those generally w/o being weighed in. Even if true, it doesn't prove much as Choynski ko'd Childs and Fitz was a much better fighter than either of them, losing legitimately only to the huge Jeffries over a 15 year period while winning three championships.

"Childs was an 8 fight middle when he fought Creedan"

Childs was 27. He probably had had many more than 8 fights. The records are just incomplete. His first recorded fight has him ko'ing the world class George LaBlanche when he was 25. Just doesn't seem as likely that this was his first fight as that earlier ones where not recorded in the newspapers.

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