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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
It turns out excessive drinking and gambling is the secret to longevity.... if your Somrak.

Your right about all the mismatches in the Thai Fight promotions, it really is the exception when they are matched up tough(as some of them were a couple cards ago). I look at the promotion as mostly a showcase for the Thai fighters.
I reckon the moment Buakaw hangs up his gloves for good Thai Fight folds. He's thier golden boy, without him I'm not convinced Sudsakorn, Singmanee etc have the name recognition to pull caual Thai people into watching the promrotions. It's run by an entertainment guy not a Muay Thai guy. He spotted an oppurtunity and took it, his timing was right epecially with Buakw's succes at the time. Thai Fight dies without Buakaw.

Not sure where to post this one, Saenchai et Damien Alamos on Skarbowsky's recent show "Best Of Siam 2". It's kind a topical so I'll post it here.


On alot of other forums popele are saying the decision is wrong, but to me it's pretty clear I give Almos 1 round maybe, the rest is all Saenchai. I know I'm a Thai nu thugger but to me Saenchai was playing and Almos wasn't, he did wellbut came up short. He got put on his **** in almost every round! Anyway, I'm a massive Almos fan, he's gotta be one of the best farang fighters out there, his time will come, but Saenchai is just a cut above.

The truth is I don't reckon Saenchai trains that hard these days especially with his fight diary always being so crammed. I don't think he has any other motivation other than money, but it's hard to tell. I think his rep in Thailand matters to him a little but other than that I don't think he gives a ****. Hard to know what drives a fighter like that to keep winning, with Buakaw we know he wants to please all his fans and cement himself as a Thai hero, but with Saenchai it's really hard to tell what drives him on.........does he want to be GOAT? I don't think so.....

Anyway he's a utter MT god let's enjoy him while we have him. All hail the king!

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