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Default Re: Team Golovkin 'Best need to fight the best'...who has GGG fought tho?

Originally Posted by masterorder19 View Post
i hate when ppl say ”well who has he faught” how the **** is he supposed to fight someone when everybody turns the other direction

Originally Posted by TheManBearPig View Post
Besides Sturm and N'Dam, who has ducked Golovkin?

I see you are still a walking pile of stupid who DKSAB.
Pirog with his fake ass injury sounds like a perfect ducker to me.

Lou DiBella ducked GGG too, he doesn't want Martinez in the ring with him.

They all duck GGG.
Originally Posted by JeanPaulValley View Post
Pirog,Sturm,N'Dam,Qullin certainly doesn't want it etc

So no one has ducked GGG except ya know,all the top MW fighters.
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