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Default Re: Who would you rate higher : Tim Witherspoon or Jim Jeffries ?

How did the black heavies do against white opponents in the 1890's? I will list the men I know or think were white

Frank Childs

George LaBlanche--ko 3, dq 8
Australian Billy Smith--ko 12
Dan Creedan--ko by 3
Joe Choynski--ko by 3, L 6
Ed Dunkhorst--w 8
Fred Russell--w 6, w 6, w 10
Mexican Pete Everett--w 10
Wild Bill Hanrahan--ko 4

9-3 with 3 ko wins and 2 ko'd by losses

Bob Armstrong

Joe Choynski--d 6
Paddy Slavin--ko 10, ko 4
Ed Dunkhorst--d 10, d 10, L 10
Mexican Pete Everett--ko 14, ko by 5
Jim Jeffries--L 10
Joe Goddard--d 6
Sandy Ferguson--ko by 1

3-4-4 with 3 ko's and 2 ko'd by

Hank Griffin

Jim Jeffries--ko by 14
Jack Munroe--d 20
Joe Kennedy--d 20, d 20
Fred Russell--ko by 14

0-2-3 with 2 ko losses.

**totols--28 fights 12 wins, 9 losses, 7 draws, 6 ko wins, 6 ko losses.

***nothing here to indicate these are any more than journeymen.

****While Griffin has the poorest record against whites, he has perhaps the most impressive win over Johnson and has the best overall won/lost record

*****Armstrong lost all three fights to Childs, but his ko's of Slavin in 1896 and Martin in 1903 are more impressive showings than Childs ever had against a heavy (unless you count Armstrong himself as more impressive than Slavin or Martin)

I didn't look up Jackson, but I know he fought Corbett, Slavin, and Jeffries, at the least, in the 1890's.
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