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is bringing ***y back.
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Default Re: eubank jnr is boxing Bradley Pryce

Originally Posted by RoughD View Post
Cant believe the amount of bullshit being spoken here about Eubank Jr.
Hes a great prospect with great skills, hes still green and learning so how can you call him shit? Hes not even had 10 fights you spastics
He doesn't seem to be learning or improving - at least at no significant rate. He's not going to get any better, I've been saying this from the beginning.

He's shit. He was shit as at the beginning, and he'll be shit until he does boxing a service and retires.

He's an embarrassment to the sport, and an embarrassment in general. The man is such a wreck he can't even exhibit a personality of his own. The man is a shitstain, pure and simple.
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