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is bringing ***y back.
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Default Re: eubank jnr is boxing Bradley Pryce

Originally Posted by RoughD View Post
Cant believe the amount of bull**** being spoken here about Eubank Jr.
Hes a great prospect with great skills, hes still green and learning so how can you call him ****? Hes not even had 10 fights you spastics
He doesn't seem to be learning or improving - at least at no significant rate. He's not going to get any better, I've been saying this from the beginning.

He's ****. He was **** as at the beginning, and he'll be **** until he does boxing a service and retires.

He's an embarrassment to the sport, and an embarrassment in general. The man is such a wreck he can't even exhibit a personality of his own. The man is a ****stain, pure and simple.
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