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Lightbulb Your Assessment of Carlos Molina?

What do you think of him as a fighter?

Here's a full video of his last bout:


From what I see, he's clearly a very well built fighter, seems to have relatively good hand speed, not a huge amount of power but he doesn't seem to be feather-fisted either. He's not really an all out brawling type of fighter but he seems to be able to apply pressure when he wants. With a lot of what he's said, I see him trying to maul Amir, especially as he works with Mares' trainer (hopefully he doesn't throw as many damn low blows as him).

I think he gives Amir a really solid fight over 12 rounds. Might even be close with his sort of style, unless he can't handle Amir's speed. What do you gentlemen think? Can he push Amir close?

Please don't give an opinion by what you see on his record or a quick viewing of him fighting, because if we're going by that, then most of you have been wrong in picking Khan in his last two fights.
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