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Default Re: Indoor heavy bag options

Originally Posted by gumbo2176 View Post
Know that wherever you hang that bag, there will be a lot of vibration going on in other parts of the house/apartment when using it. I once hung a 100 lb. heavy bag in my attached garage and one day while really getting after it, my wife ran outside saying her miniature glass figurines were falling out of a display hanging on the living room wall 2 rooms away.

Living in an apartment may bring some complaints by your neighbors when you use it. Just a bit of heads-up.
It's probably more hassle than it's worth, although causing the neighbors distress is very tempting.

Originally Posted by SlickMick View Post
What show is this GIF from?

I'm looking for the same thing, but somehow I don't have confidence that my apartment's walls would be able to support it.

Back at my parent's place, I had a pull up bar you screw on door frames.
The door frame wasn't able to support the weight (I weighted only 150 lbs back then) and the door wouldn't close after a while.
No idea what show it's from, i've just seen it posted on here a lot.

I never even thought about the walls not being able to support it, that could seriously **** things up.
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