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Default Re: Roach "Strength trainers are bulls**t"

Originally Posted by Boxalot View Post
I might be heavily biased on the matter, but why have a S&C expert in your camp if your not going to use him?

Manny is a fighter who's success has been strongly based on his physical gifts and his conditioning. It makes no sense to me whatsoever to not maximise his S&C. It's not as if you can't do both S&C and boxing in camp. The boxing part of training, practising little moves here and there, certain combinations, tactics, feints, foot position etc doesn't have to take up too much energy, so there's no excuse for it.

I didn't know that Manny had stopped S&C, but it'd certainly explain why he's gone from throwing ridiculous amounts of punches non stop per round to a fighter who fights in bursts only. Very strange decision. I knew there was beef between Roach and Ariza so maybe Manny and Freddie have compromised on him - Ariza gets to stick around as a 'friend' for Manny, but Manny doesn't work on S&C with him. Big mistake imo.
In my 8 years with the Klitschko brothers I have found much of it has to do with the boxer feeling comfortable. Obviously Manny is comfortable and wants Ariza to be around so things feel the same....I guess the extra work with Ariza is secondary....

boxers like familiarity ...and thats what Ariza brings
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