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Default Re: Carlos Monzon vs Joe Calzaghe at 168 pounds.

Originally Posted by johnmaff36 View Post
With the exception of Kessler, and i think im bein a bit generous here, the other 4 you mentioned are not as good as Valdez, Mundine and Briscoe.

Ita all opinion PP but i'll take Monzons resume and quality of opponent over JC's any day of the week.

but thats just my opinion
Agree somewhat, not light and day in they're levels though, I believe even the 43yo version of Hopkins Calzaghe faced is a tougher challenge than anyone Monzon. Lacy is a much less skilled version of Briscoe.

Kessler's sort of a Monzon type fighter in himself, not as skilled but a similar technician with his range jab, tight defence, right handed power, constantly breaking his opponent down in an effective but unspectacular way.

Legacy wise I think Calzaghe underachieved a little where as I believe Monzon underachieved. During his peak Calzaghe was fighting ex-champions coming off losses or journeymen, which probably hurt his legacy, but Monzon's best opponent's who came off losses don't generally get downgraded
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