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Default Re: Roach "Strength trainers are bulls**t"

Originally Posted by dangerousity View Post
Are you the chef or S&C coach for Klitschko's?

In your opinion, would Klitschko's be as successful without the modern training tools incorporated into their training, ie weights, nutrition science? So if they had just stuck to good old fashion training, sit ups, pushups, running etc.
Chef/Nutritionist plus Training camp manager and strength and conditioning during the first 2 weeks of camp and then maintenance during camp. I wear a lot of hats in camp

I still feel some of the "old school" stuff works, but modern training has really made athletes stronger, faster and just better athletes.... and not just boxing... the biggest change i made with wlad was I got him swimming instead of the long long running like a horse in the hills.

Wlad still does running movements in the ring, but with his size, the swimming has been much more affective for cardio and overall full body workout with NO back, hip, knee, ankle, or foot pain that a guy 6'5'' 245lb would normally get from jogging
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